Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • txr0ckabilly
    Apr 7, 12:49 PM
    Some of the customer reviews on the iTunes download page for this app are saying that it's native resolution is for iPhone, not the iPad. If true, #soLame

    works full screen on mine and looks good.

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  • dime21
    May 5, 11:07 AM
    BTW, if you guys haven't read Marc Thiessen's Courting Disaster, pick it up. He explains that waterboarding was not used to get answers to questions or confessions, but rather to break their will and spirit and get them to agree to start cooperating.

    The first big fish they got after 9/11, Abu Zubaida (also in a stellar takedown op), told his CIA interrogators that AQ were trained to resist only as long as they personally could and, once they had reached their personal breaking point, they were free to sing like canaries with a clear conscience. The reasoning behind this was that Allah would always be victorious, so they'd not be compromising the larger mission and would have done their religious duty by offering as much resistance as they could.

    Once the CIA knew this, the enhanced interrogation techniques were personalized to let each detainee know that it would never stop until they agreed to cooperate and things would get better as soon as they did. KSM was the toughest one of the bunch and, when he reached his breaking point, he asked for a pad and paper and was willing to write down everything they needed.

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  • tonywalker23
    Jun 19, 02:36 PM
    i bought these off of woot a couple of weeks ago. im asking $5 each and shipping is free. heres the link

    auction is buy it now.

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  • giganten
    Apr 5, 06:36 AM
    I cant wait to try it.

    Microsoft Game Studios has spent the last several months telling you all about the incredibly deep and realistic features included in the game and soon you�ll be able to take the game for a test drive on Xbox Live Marketplace � the rumors this week of a downloadable demo are true and the details on timing will be confirmed in the coming weeks.


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  • foshizzle
    Jul 10, 09:30 PM
    i'll be there, whichever one has the shortest line at 7 am.

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  • Ha ze
    Nov 21, 12:57 AM
    well, i'm 20 so i know the age group

    the camera in the SK3 got worse then the 2

    and the mp3 player market was a lot smaller or less mature then the phone market is now. maybe i'm looking at this with a closed mind, but what else can they add to a phone that isn't out there already? i mean, e-mail, browser, talking, texting, IMing, music, camera, calendar, note pad, games, voice recording it's all already out there. i guess if you can sync your iTunes having video playback that'd be kind of new... but i have video on my razr it just holds like a 4 second video.

    So.. i guess i just dont see much room for "innovation" as far as features go. i dont really count things like increased storage as a new feature in this case.

    so what should it have?


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  • Reach9
    Apr 4, 08:11 PM
    No, you said (above) that men would "stop the sexual assaults".

    Yes, men should stop. And to prevent sexual assault women should dress in a classy way. I hope you're getting my point.

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  • kre62
    Mar 27, 09:41 PM
    This is really funny. Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I'm the infamous seller! :) How are you guys. It's funny that most people here are laughing about the stupidity of others like myself.

    But anyway, this is in no way illegal. I would know, being a student of law. In addition, eBay AND PayPal have sided with me on this matter MULTIPLE times. The only time PayPal sided with the buyer was when they claimed they never got it and I had no shipping proof. The item is accurately described, end of story. Stop crying about it and be more responsible.

    Just an ending note, I've made over $2,000 doing this before and used it to buy two amazing Les Pauls. ;)

    - Dan

    People like you cant make the connection between legal and moral. A good person with a good set of morals does not rely on the law to dictate what they can and can not do. Only a lazy and inconsiderate person bases their life on legal vs illegal.

    A law makes something illegal only when its needed, when the morals of the people fail in a certain area and order is needed. Stop relying on the state to dictate your life, and choose to live as a good person regardless of law.

    Under that standard, your auction is clearly immoral, evil, deceptive, and all other kinds of wrong. Thats a lot of negative energy coming your way.


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  • Yannick
    Oct 6, 10:18 AM
    Those three new features look very good to me. It's going to be so exciting to try out all the new things when Leopard comes out. :D

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    Apr 4, 11:54 AM
    This is the very reason why I think that Apple's policy should be reconsidered. Why would content providers such as the Financial Times be compelled to offer their content on iOS, when Apple requires them to (additionally) use the in-app purchases by which the providers lose the advantage of using their own register and keeping the entire revenue, without having to share it with Apple. The position of the Financial Times is completely understandable, regardless of the business decisions that provider has made. I still doubt whether the true motive of Apple to enforce this measure is not consumer protection but receiving profits from the content of others.


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  • jsw
    Nov 20, 02:16 PM
    Yuck, windows key?
    It's for when you install Boot Camp. ;)

    Anyway, as much as I'd love to see a truly "smart" phone, I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if Apple's able to do so with their first release.

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  • rasmasyean
    Apr 13, 07:46 PM
    I do believe, I and a whole bunch of friends and other ppl have used that F word at ppl that are clearly not gay. It's just colloquial and doesn't have anything to do with homosexuality. Maybe in a "small" way (i.e. "Don't be a F"), in some cases it's supposed to imply that you are "scared like a girl (or a guy who thinks he is a girl...who presumably will be scared like one)" in some sense. But that's just it.


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  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 8, 07:56 PM
    Another rig shot... (

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  • Christopher387A
    Apr 25, 02:04 PM
    I would love a white iP4, but at this point, it's too close to the next update.


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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 3, 09:05 AM
    < something hard to read >

    The editor is excellent at removing double spaces after a period.

    Too bad it is unable to add even one, when the poster does not.

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  • eji
    Sep 27, 02:24 AM
    If you don't have it now - don't bother getting it. There are free services that do everything that .Mac does. However, since I am so dependent on the email address - I'm stuck paying the $99 a year.

    You can get it for $79, sometimes lower, on Don't fall for the all-too-easy "automatic renewal" check box. I've wasted at least one hundred bucks over the years through that thing.


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  • MacDawg
    Dec 24, 08:28 AM
    Red Ryder BB Gun.

    You'll shoot your eye out :eek:

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  • ljg93
    Apr 21, 01:19 PM
    hey everyone i just got my first app approved

    just wanted to thank everyone who helped me answer soooo many questions!

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  • johngrant75
    Apr 20, 04:41 PM
    Alfa Brera - yes please :P (hope to get a mito when I get my license)

    Image (

    I know it's about NOT your car, but here's 'someone elses' Brera S that 'someone else' bought last year! 'Someone else' Loooves this car.

    Dec 13, 07:47 PM
    1st one is vmware

    2nd one is dropbox

    Mar 31, 08:04 PM
    Micro-fiber cloth and several drops of water.

    May 4, 06:01 PM
    It's not the Red Cross. It's the FDA. Last time the policy went up for review in 2006 or so, it was voted 7 against 6 to stay in place.

    And for anyone wondering, the wording is something along the lines of "if you are a man who has had sexual contact with another man, even once, since 1977, or if you are a woman who has had sexual contact with a man who has had sexual contact with another man, even once, since 1997, you are prohibited from donating blood."

    I think a basic level of intelligence indicates how wrong and prejudiced this is.

    According to statistics, black men are more than 6 times more likely than white men to become infected with HIV, but you sure as hell dont see people supporting banning black people from donating blood. Why? Simply because it is more socially acceptable to be homophobic than it is to be racist.

    Edit: I just wanted to make this clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for blood donations, regardless of who may or may not be present. Donating blood saves lives. There is a problematic policy in place in the US and other countries at the moment, but that never has and never will make asking for people to donate blood problematic in any way, shape, or form.

    I should clarify then in light of my previous comments that I am in the UK, where the wording is very different.

    Jun 25, 10:54 PM
    I have a couple Seagate drives I don't need. They are both:

    250gigs capacity
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8
    PATA/IDE interface

    Used for backup purposes, not much actual "on" time. Tested and working.
    Moving everything to larger SATA drives don't need these.

    Will consider best offer. Looking for around $40 a piece.

    PM me.


    Mar 25, 03:02 PM
    As an Android and iOS user, I'm asking you to please put the crack pipe down. While I preferred WebOS notifications over both, Android notification implementation is head and shoulders above iOS. Don't get me wrong though. I love the sms popup box in Handcent on Android, but I can also respond instantly to the text within the box, never having to go into the app. I can also swipe through multiple messages from multiple people within that popup box, responding to each. iOS notifications simply serve to bring to a halt whatever you are doing, then forces you to locate and open various different apps to tend to those notifications.

    with iOS push messages i always see the latest scores from ESPN or the latest deal from groupon. with android there is so much crap when you swipe that half the time i say clear and don't even read it and miss the news i want to track.

    but then i don't obsess over my phone like some people. i bought an inspire because it was cheap and does what my old 3GS did. a little more and a little less in some areas

    the wifi pop ups might be annoying on iOS but so is on android when it's in such small size that i don't see it most times

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