Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wow, What’s Up With The Attitude, Justin Bieber? He Tells Hometown Fans To ‘Go Home!’

Wow! Chill out, Justin Bieber! The singer doesn’t want his fans flocking to his house!

The singer’s return to his hometown in Canada has led to legions of fans making a pilgrimage to his family home with the hopes of snagging a glimpse of the Biebs with girlfriend  Selena Gomez—but on Wednesday, he lashed out at a few, telling them to get lost!
According to, two fans drove to his  Stratford, Ont., house Wednesday and spotted Justin’s grandparents, dad and siblings in the front yard. “We pulled [up to] the street and walked over to get a picture…The grandpa was very happy, waved a couple times,” says the fan. “By this point, a group of about 15-20 Bieber fans had gathered and took pictures. Nobody was doing any harm, nobody even talked to them. Nobody wanted to intrude. It’s not every day when you come across the Bieber clan all together. I just wanted a group shot.”
Then Justin and Selena emerged from the house and got in a car driven by his dad. But before darting off, Justin expressed his disdain for the gaggle of onlookers!
Says the fan: “As they were backing up, Justin rolled down the window and said, “GO HOME!”
Despite the brush-off, the fan claims, “It wasn’t rude, but it wasn’t a nice way of saying it. It was kind of one of those ‘leave me alone’ voices. I don’t know what we did to make him so mad.”
And it seems that Selena wasn’t happy with her beau’s behaviour! “Selena seemed a little shocked he said that to us!”
C’mon Justin, you’re a hometown hero…lose the ‘tude!

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