Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • mscriv
    Apr 18, 03:25 PM
    Wow, this was quite a lively discussion and then it just went dead???

    My points were that good huh? C'mon now people you're making me feel like E.F. Hutton here. :D

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  • gugy
    Jul 28, 04:44 PM
    Interesting that you had problems with your cds. Usually I never encountered such a thing. I take care of them but not spend too much time worrying about it. Lots of my work are backed up on cd's and dvds as early as the 90's.
    I agreed that having a Hard Drive backup is a good thing. I am interested in the high capacity of the BR and HD-DVD discs, but I refuse to pay $50 for a disc. I rather buy at Fry's on promotion a 300GB hard drive for $89. Much better deal.

    Until then I think Hard drives are the way to go to archive huge files. It will be interesting when these new dvd discs cost around $5 for 50GB, then I will jump on it.

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  • iBlue
    Apr 15, 08:02 AM
    It all comes down to the Malcolm X vs MLK school of thoughr. You can either use violent confrontation as opposed to serious aggressive non violent confrontation.

    I think rasmasyean's post above is right on. Sometimes there's a time for one or the other. I'm not one for violence as a first resort but sometimes that is what it takes eventually. It's funny you mentioned Malcolm X though because as I was reading this thread and Lee's posts in particular I thought of the quote: "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything" - Malcolm X. I admit, Lee can have an abrasive tone but he believes in something and it's worthwhile stating it. I also think being victimized and seeing people not unlike yourself being victimized changes you. Turning the other cheek is not always the best course of action.

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  • Micjose
    Apr 17, 12:30 PM

    Man! I really like this one... :D :cool:


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  • Samsquantch
    Aug 2, 12:19 AM

    You can see the full-size version here (

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 4, 11:26 AM
    Stop confusing the issue with facts and evidence. ;)



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  • ga1lyons
    Sep 9, 06:04 PM
    On a scale from 1-5,
    1 being completely pleased and the expo could not have been better
    5 being absolutely livid and disappointed in either what was presented or the lack of anything new

    How did you feel at the end of the Sept 9 macworld? Were you completely happy with what was presented or were you ready to get on stage and give your own "one more thing."

    What was it lacking?

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  • smb510
    Jan 15, 09:50 PM
    Has anybody else not been able to get to ITS? I've been trying to connect, and it gives me the old "Make sure your internet connection is active and try again later" spiel. Anybody else? I'd really like to start renting movies; maybe everyone else does too, or Comcast is violating Net neutrality and not letting me load the page.


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  • wPod
    Nov 3, 10:36 AM
    ARG!!!!! 2G iPod Shuffle NOT in Stores On Friday!!!!!!!!

    So I stopped by one of the apple stores in town today on my way to work. and well there were NO iPod shuffles in!!!! (but i missed the fact that there were 8GB red nanos, though i doubt they actually had any in stock!!) The guy working at the apple store said they 'might' be in by this afternoon or evening and they will 'hopefully' have enough stock to make it through the weekend, but 'there was a chance' that they wouldnt have any by sunday.

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  • HexMonkey
    Jan 26, 05:36 PM
    Agreed. I merged them.


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  • Corpus_Callosum
    Nov 22, 08:50 PM
    just to clear something up. This right now appears to be a text-based phone. I don't think Wu is talking about iChat AV functionality. Some other sites (of much, much less accuracy) have been claiming that the iPhone would be able to do videoconferencing and whatnot, but currently there isn't any good evidence to support this, and in my opinion it doesn't look like current 3G GSM cellular networks simply don't have the duplex bandwidth to deliver that kind of content. (and 4G is still a ways off)

    Apple would not try to deliver iChatAV video conferencing services over 3G (or any other cellular network). It's a ridiculous idea. However, having iChatAV capability over WiFi is totally doable and completely within the realm of possibility. Apple would be retarded not to have a camera and WiFi on their new phone, mostly because it would represent a step backwards from current state of the art cellular phones.

    So, what is the real issue? If they have WiFi capability and have a camera, all they need is the horsepower to encode and decode H.264 and iChatAV on the iPhone becomes a reality. While H.264 is a demanding codec, there already exists hardware encoders/decoders in the wild. This is the stopping point. If Apple includes silicon that can handle H.264, iPhone will do AV conferencing ala iChatAV. My own personal belief is that this one feature is the primary differentiator that Apple is going to leverage to gain traction in the mobile market. While everyone else is yakking and texting, iPhone users are holding their phones up to show their friends what they are seeing, watching iTunes movies and listening to iTunes music. A true lifestyle change as is the Apple way.

    You can speculate all you want, but until you realize that Steve Jobs isn't going to enter a market that he can't shatter preconceived notions in, you aren't going to understand Apple's modus opperandi.

    I also believe that this will be sold in Apple stores and not through carriers. There are two reasons for this:

    (1) Apple will be selling a WiFi digital lifestyle device as the iPhone's primary role (e.g. if you are within range of usable WiFi, it will perform all functions through WiFi, including VOIP) and only use cellular networks as a fallback condition when WiFi is not available, crippling many features of the iPhone. Carriers are not going to be happy about this and would have no incentive to carry such a device as it represents a competitive threat. But don't let that alarm you, you should be able to slip any normal SIM card into the iPhone and make use of your existing carrier. Just don't expect to be subsidized - Apple doesn't tend to market to cheap consumers anyhow, they won't be worried about starting out with a non-subsidized and reasonably expensive phone. People will pay for this advancement and prices will go down over time.

    (2) Apple will promote direct purchasing of video and audio content from iTunes using the device when on a WiFi network. This direct sales approach is also a threat to the carriers who want a piece of the action and demand much higher price/margins on digital content ($2 for a ringtone anyone?)

    This all seems pretty obvious to me.

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  • reubs
    Feb 1, 03:39 PM
    A little American Psycho this month.



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  • matt90036
    Apr 28, 07:22 PM
    I say, let them sue each other into oblivion!!!

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  • generik
    Oct 6, 03:37 AM
    Why are browser features worth paying $129 for a new OS?


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  • Blakeasd
    Mar 25, 03:17 PM
    To me Serlet has more knowledge than Craig. He actually includes information about under the hood stuff and the nice new UI features. Craig just says "beautiful" "very natural". I will remember Serlet as the father of Leopard -- Apple's best release IMO and Craig with Lion, a release that really has nothing that exiting.
    Again just my opinion.

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  • andreas79
    Feb 16, 08:34 AM
    uploading is sooooo slow...


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  • tigress666
    Apr 6, 10:26 PM
    Yes, it had a lot to do with them. Many who are leaving have a legitimate gripe with AT&T and if they want to take their business elsewhere b/c a purely financial decision by AT&T, so be it. Even if the finances may not add up at first. Taking your business elsewhere IS what many want to do.

    Of course that is their choice but my point is to leave AT&T because they increased a price to go to some one who has an even more expensive price does not make sense to me at all. Now if there were other issues, sure.

    Ah ok, so you have nothing. Just the same old line used by AT&T whenever they raise the price


    The fact that you wrote the "Everyone wants money" line shows me how far over your head my point went.

    Of course since I don't work there i don't know what all their expenses are. But you can't say just cause the iphone stayed the same price doesn't mean their expenses have gone up. You really don't understand running a business if you think cost of an item is only affected by how much that item cost the business (and that was the proof you gave to me, that the iphone hasn't gone up in price, that AT&T is solely doing this cause they can and not cause they are reflecting their own price increases).

    They have to reflect all of their costs in that price to make a profit. And no, they aren't there to be nice to you. Their prices go up, unless they have some reason to believe they'll lose more business than they will make up by price increase, your prices are going to go up. At some point, regardless of if they think they will lose business they will have to increase the price solely cause they'll lose money otherwise. IT seems you think they should only raise prices at this point. Sorry, they are there to make a profit. They will weight what giesv them the most profit. When they give you a price cut, it's not cause they are being nice. It is cause they think that price cut will drum up enough business to eventually make more profit than they would if they didn't do that price cut.

    And my point culminates in that while no, I don't have proof this isn't just cause they can (and you definitely don't have proof cause what you said totally doesn't stand up to reason at all and shows no understanding of running a business), I could easily buy that their prices have increased given that there is a lot of inflation going on (I work retail and i see it in our own prices going up at my store as well as when I buy stuff). If nothing else, they need to make more profit to make the same amount of money as a year ago (as I said, when it comes to inflation, having your wages stay the same = a decrease in pay as your wage doesn't go as far).

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  • Keyhole
    Jul 11, 09:17 AM
    I was thinking about this one...any word?

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  • Flying Llama
    Aug 14, 02:23 PM
    Those last 3 pictures are very nice, did you take them?

    Oct 31, 01:43 PM
    4 years ago I hiked the Camino de Santiago, an old pilgrimage route that goes across Spain (850 km)

    I had a diskman at the time and used for about 5 minutes during the walk.

    I found that it ruined the whole experience.

    sometimes the best music is absolute silence

    For hiking, I agree.
    As for running, I gotta have my tunes...

    May 1, 10:20 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Fortress. In casual conversation people will say their stuff's "in the Fort".

    It's a little more grown up than castle, less preteen fairytale? (although until this thread I liked Castle better than iCloud; heck, probably still do).

    Lucky Loot
    Apr 20, 04:36 AM
    Game video:


    Easter Holidays are coming and Easter Bunny has to deliver eggs to the city. But the road is bumpy and dangerous. Build the safe path for bunny, so he wont brake any eggs.
    Emerge into this physics based cute and funny puzzle adventure.

    - Funny gameplay;
    - Cute Easter Bunny;
    - Physics based puzzle bridge builder;
    - Destructible environment;
    - Water, build floating bridges;
    - Beautiful and stunning game art;
    - Every level has different level design;
    - Collect additional empty eggs along the way;
    - Destructible objects;
    - Help overlay.
    - Easter inside!

    The Bunny is a little bit unstable. You must help him to cross the huge pits, but sometimes it gets very funny to watch collapsing bridges and poor bunnt falling to the bottom. Don�t forget to watch hilarious trailer on Youtube.

    This is bridge building game, but it is very different from others. In this game you place and rotate various items. All item are not connected to each other, so the structures may get very unstable. Every level has limited amount of items, from which you must build a way for the rabbit and bear.

    Every level is like art painting and has different looks. Watch how the environment changes in every level.

    Bunny is cute, but if he is falling from height, he will break everything in his way. Constructions must be stable or else, one falling object can ruin all bridge!

    Mar 31, 01:08 PM
    As a professional photographer this thing is (and always will be) an "App Store" toy - nothing more.

    The iPad will never have the horse power to do what pros need.

    So true. I will also stand with you that humanity has reached its technological peak, and there is nothing left to be invented. All we have to do now is lean back and smile at our incredible achievements.

    Those fools who waste their time using their imaginations... Better to just appreciate all that currently exists and discourage others who try to imagine better possibilities. Amiright?

    Sure, in the 80s we were the ones that said the personal computer, upon its release, was nothing more than a toy, despite it absurd popularity. So, okay, we were wrong then, but I assure you, not this time! Not this time!!

    Mar 16, 11:59 AM
    No, it's just principle.It is in fact a lack of principle. The principled stand is that killing is bad, period. It brutalises the society on whose behalf it is carried out and panders to the basest instinctual desire for revenge.

    Why kill 'em when you can give 'em free food and lodging for life?Actually in this case the DP is being abolished precisely because it is cheaper to give them free food and lodging for life.

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