Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • ma5ter5
    Mar 23, 09:35 AM
    Is it just me or does his right eye look odd? Is it a fake eye?

    kinda has that terminator look to it.

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  • mikerr
    Dec 21, 06:14 AM
    Do we all like price fixing ?

    Apple products are too often kept at RRP - not sure if its always by agreements with apple - "don't discount more than 10% or lose authorised reseller status"

    Obviously good for apple products, but not for the consumer.

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  • citi
    Mar 31, 10:59 AM
    Which is kind of hard on such a restricted and limited platform. There would be more useful software for the iPad if it ran a 'real' operating system like Mac OS X -- meaning full file system access and not being tied into ONE App Store with arbitrary rules for what a program is allowed to do.

    Curious. Do you pronounce your name WHINEY? :D

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  • medea
    Feb 21, 12:48 PM
    Does arn pick it or is it random.


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  • Dagless
    Apr 30, 06:43 PM
    2 threads about this already ;).

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  • zephonic
    Apr 27, 01:21 PM
    So I found these on Intel's site, but I assume these are not the Sandybridge Xeons that everyone is saying will be in the next MacPros? What's the difference?


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  • danny_w
    Jan 4, 09:26 AM
    I gave my fiance a gift certificate for us both to unlimited group dance classes, and we started last night. This is going to be so much fun for both of us!

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  • FraZant
    Jun 10, 06:13 AM
    Did anyone hear the word 'Tasks' mentioned? Colors in iCal isn't bad when long overdue. But an iPhone without Tasks (not to mention recurring Tasks) is still not a substitute for a plain organizer, be it a Palm or a BlackBerry. Did I miss it or are we still waiting for the next Update? For the time being I'll stick to my T5 and my old Siemens Mobile.


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  • takao
    Jan 15, 05:05 PM
    in the german breakdown statistics from the ADAC the Fiat Panda is the second most reliable small car only being beaten by the toyota aygo by a fraction of a percent
    comparing the breakdown statistics the Panda (and the toyota) is trouncing the competition from luxury or middle class brands all the way

    i somehow suspect this passat is just a counter to the us tastes of camry etc. just like that rebadged minivan or that hideous pick up truck.. but hey the americans even bought the older jettas ... which had such a bad reputation in germany that they had to rename it ... twice

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  • appleguy123
    May 5, 07:15 PM
    BTO=build to order


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  • DakotaGuy
    Mar 3, 05:19 PM
    The fix is simple actually... cut spending and increase revenue. If we had to pay a dollar for a dollar of services our tax rate would be MUCH higher. Therefore what we need to do is cut spending a certain percentage and raise taxes a certain percentage and meet in the middle.

    I know the truth isn't pleasant, but it is what it is.

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  • MattA
    Jan 12, 09:50 PM
    The Golf is going to remain the European version as far as I've heard. The Jetta is no longer the 'Golf with a trunk', but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's getting it's own identity, even if it's a little dull for the time being. The new Passat basically looks like a larger Jetta.

    I've had my Golf TDI for 10 years (bought new in 2/2001), and it's been a wonderful car for 215K miles. This last tank I got 47mpg. I would definitely buy another one.


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  • citi
    Mar 31, 12:39 PM
    Jobs is a bloody populist and a charlatan. A genius, undoubtedly. An aesthete (in visuals, certainly not in music!), but a cheat nevertheless� The most skillful cheat in existence.

    Wow, "Check out the big brain on Brad!" (Pulp Fiction reference)I honestly had to look up the word aesthete. When you have conversations with people, do they look at you with glossed over eyeballs?


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  • tj2001
    Aug 22, 03:43 PM
    After scanning the code it was a unnecessary rowspan that was in the td.
    Sorry and thank you.


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  • mikeschmeee
    May 5, 10:49 PM
    The old guys in the second video are a little mistaken. The "432" badge on the side of the Fairlady has nothing to do with cubic inches. In fact, they were only 2.0L engines (122ci). The "Fairlady Z 432" was simply a special, limited version of the normal Fairlady. The 432 number stood for the "4 valve, 3 carb, 2 cam" specs of the 6-cylinder engine. This is similar to what Oldsmobile did with the 60's 442, which stood for "4-barrel carb, 4-speed trans, dual exhaust". The Z in the video has a more modern RB25 Skyline engine in it, whereas the original Z 432 came with the then-current Skyline S20 2.0L, 6-cylinder engine.

    lol I know eh! I didn't want to post that video but I just like how clean that Fairlady looks. I just want that video too. I want to see the Z they were taking about near the end with some crazy horses.

    What kind of BMW do you recommend for a young bachelor business guy in a popular downtown location? I was thinking about the 3 series.


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  • diogowerner
    Oct 5, 05:26 PM
    i'm a webdesigner and totally agree with psychometry.

    the new textarea feature is the worst way to resolve one of safari worst layout problems. current textarea doesn't show the scrollbars everytime it's necessary and sometimes resizes horizontaly while you're typing, damaging some page layouts.

    if the new feature allows users to resize both verticaly and horizontaly it's probably a bad sollution apple found to the scroll problem.

    if you don't design pages you may not understand, but sometimes its necessary to fix a size to a textarea and other components (height and width), otherwise it will push other elements and images would look like a puzzle. fixing size is one of the solutions to make pages working in different browsers, once each one show form elements diffrently.

    even if the resize feature doesn't push other elements, override them would be terrible as well. if you have links and other text fields for example, how would it behave if you use tab key to swich field in a form?


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  • MacRumorUser
    Jul 30, 09:03 AM
    None available in Kerry.

    So i had the choice of Vodafone PrePay 32GB for �689 (but get it by Tuesday 3'rd August( , or Apple Sim Free for �699 (But ships in 3 weeks)......

    I chose Apple in the hope that it ships sooner :(

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  • techfreak85
    Mar 4, 12:02 PM
    I'm in.

    2009 Mac Pro Octo 2.26 reporting for duty.

    Make sure you get a passkey so you can get bonus points!

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 21, 01:49 PM
    One thing I forgot to point out earlier is that the base price of the new Jetta and Passat is lowered by a huge amount, but (at least in the case of the Jetta) the diesel version @ $22k isn't really any cheaper than in the previous version.

    Now, with the Jetta, we know that VW saved a ton of money by fitting the antediluvian 2.0 8v engine. But the base Passat comes with the 5-cylinder. I wonder how much the diesel will cost in the Passat?

    if you really like hot hatches: Fiat finally delivers the ultimate hatchback car ;)looks like Ferrari desperatly needed their own Panamera ... now jsut wait untill ferrari releases a SUV

    I guess I'll reserve judgment till I read reviews (and see it on Top Gear ;) ), but my first reaction is Ferrari! NOOOOOO! This is just one small step away from the inevitable SUV and Ferrari will be dead to me. :eek:

    Here's the deal. You need to understand how gas burning really works. You also are not at liberty to speak on what is or is not possible on that trip without actually having driven it - as I have.

    Start a thread about hypermiling and we can discuss (but I'm still skeptical, the hybrid Altima can exceed 50mpg).

    Dec 15, 10:51 PM
    how do i make my top bar black???

    I used SnowTunes Noir ( (it's part of the download, there's three versions in one installer, both Noir and HUD are dark, just different styles). It's been working well for a long time now.


    Jan 9, 03:22 PM
    The keynote was terrible.

    It's called "MacWorld" yet there was nothing in there about the mac. Just this little toy that dosn't really interest me that much called the "iPhone" and the "Apple TV".

    I was desperate to see iLife 07, as I'm going to a place where there is an Apple store, and I really wanted to buy it then. For the very first time, Apple have actually disappointed me. :(

    Apr 24, 12:18 AM
    Second result in google for "How To Access Battery Information in Cocoa" got me here:

    Oct 11, 11:39 AM
    Where can I find this wallpaper? :)

    I couldnt find the original link, as I have had it for a while, but I uploaded it to imageshack, so here is that link =))

    Nov 11, 12:22 PM
    I love these threads, there are always little apps coming out and this is a great way to hear about them. I just installed Bytecontroller, it's exactly what I've been looking for in a menubar iTunes controller - simple.

    Does anyone know of a freeware app to monitor connections to your wireless network? My friend has something like this for Windows, not sure if there is something similar for mac (I'm a little paranoid).

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