Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 29, 05:14 PM
    Click Me (

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 4, 11:26 AM
    Stop confusing the issue with facts and evidence. ;)


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  • steadysignal
    Apr 8, 07:24 AM
    "allocative deadweight loss"

    What does that mean?

    that term somehow makes me feel bad about myself.

    anyway, been upgrading every year with the offset of selling the old equipment to pay for part or most of the new.

    added a nice crack to my iphone 4 front panel and was considering the $200 replacement through :apple: now, i may just do it, stick with the four until the true end of my two year, and upgrade then, to avoid the extra $50.

    unless the latest revision has something in it necessary to the function of the device, is the upgrade tax going to be worth it to most people?

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  • xPismo
    Jan 9, 03:57 PM
    I should thank Steve Jobs...Amount to be spent as a result of this keynote - �0

    AppleTV - pointless.
    iPhone - beautiful. I'm NEVER spending that much on a phone. EVER.
    New Airport Extreme - cost twice what it should.

    Yeah, I dont have component or an HD TV at the moment, I have a better box for wireless than any airportex, and I'd rather have a cheap phone that wont be janked than such a flash phone with only 8gb ipod ability.

    I want my widescreen 80gb iPod please.


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  • iSee
    Apr 13, 12:15 PM
    thanks for continuing to screw us 3gS owners over Apple...

    My phone is on its last leg, dropping calls all of the time, have to charge it 3 times a day. If I had known this, I would have already bought a 4...

    Yeah, my 3gs is slowly dying a similar death. The battery is dying. My guess is the other problems I have (spontaneous shutdown under certain conditions) are related to the battery since they seem to happen with > ~40% remaining.

    I really don't think I can make it until September with this phone since I already can't alwaysy get a full day's use out of it without recharging and the battery seems to get worse daily. I'm not a heavy user either.

    Been curious about Andriod for a while now... hm...

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  • jsw
    Feb 12, 02:42 PM
    This is great. I like the addition of European blood into the Moderator folk to help with additional time zones.
    Nermal might be a bit offended by that. ;)


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  • owengot
    Mar 23, 08:59 AM
    I'll always remember Serlet for his hilarious presentation of Mac OS X Tiger at WWDC.. "Redmond, start your photocopiers" :)

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  • iAppleBook
    Feb 3, 12:42 PM
    How do you change the colour of the finder bar? and what other apps are running on the finder bar?


    Both monitors are on a rotation of HD nature wallpapers like these ones. =)

    And yes that weather is accurate. Lots of snow and cold here in the Northeast. :cool: It was -23 a week ago, so Im feelin' toasty,


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  • whiteangel
    Nov 13, 08:27 AM
    That's what growl does? I've only ever seen/ heard about it in the Proteus message boards

    All it does is to provide a service for applications to notify users of events.
    Like using an applescript that Growl provides, whenever I get a new email i'll have a bubble pop up informing me which account received a new email, who is it from and the subject title.

    As I said you'll have to try it to love it. And check out their list of applications that use growl. ;)

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  • iStudentUK
    May 5, 02:55 AM
    I want retribution, so do most americans.

    That doesn't make it right. Retribution, revenge, anger, fear etc are not good emotions. Try to overcome these basic desires.

    I overheard someone on the bus say something like this-

    "So Bin Laden committed an awful crime, no denying that. But in response the US imprisoned people without trial for years in Gitmo, tortured some of them for information, then shot Bin Laden when he was unarmed. They both seem pretty bad to me."

    I can see where this view comes from. Many times I've heard Americans complain that Europeans "look down their noses at them" and "maybe they would understand when planes fly into some of their buildings". However, when the US response to a disaster is detention and torture what do you expect? The US has lost the moral high ground, and these human rights violations only serve to encourage more people to fight against the US.

    It times of difficulty many governments bend the rules, and it is how the courts and the public respond that matters. In the UK we detained some people, but they started a court case and won. We had a report of MI6 feeding questions to Moroccan security forces to get them to get information out of someone. However, MI6 was tripping over itself to say they don't condone torture and the courts constantly ruled more information on the subject should be released.

    Detention without trial and torture are the methods used by dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, and the world will always look down on the US government so long as they are used.


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  • partyBoy
    Oct 13, 09:56 PM

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  • EricNau
    Sep 26, 07:05 PM
    That's nice, but I'm still waiting for more storage.

    To clarify, I have .Mac and love the features, I just think for $100/yr, Apple is being a little chintzy with storage (after all, Google offers 2 GB for free and AOL offers unlimited space for free).


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  • tpavur
    Apr 5, 08:21 AM
    If I hold a business licence is it ok to offer repair services on craigslist? I am not certified by Apple to do so. Can I get in any legal trouble for this or is it simply that Apple will no longer warranty the product?

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  • URFloorMatt
    Apr 28, 08:56 AM
    The key will be when Verizon gets the iPhone 5, as many have already said. But I don't see how contract commitments would be holding back current Verizon customers. Verizon customers have never bought a phone en masse like AT&T users with iPhones. Current AT&T customers looking to switch, however, would presumably be locked in to a 3GS contract for at least another couple of months, though at this point the ETF on a June or July 2009 contract is substantially less than another month of service. But they probably also believe a new iPhone will be coming in June, which might explain why they're content to sit tight.

    Nothing about the CDMA iPhone matters until the new edition is released. Then we'll get a clearer picture of iPhone interest.


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  • Pipian
    Feb 18, 07:51 AM
    Is the "New Mail" Sound different in 10.3.8 then 10.3.7? I havn't noticed it, but I like it..

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  • tazhombre
    Feb 8, 09:22 AM
    nice! Can you please post the original wallpaper?

    I believe this is what you seek


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  • TheOnlyJon
    Dec 24, 12:08 PM
    This ( is the only thing I know about.

    Oh nice! I've always wanted one of those with all of the attachments to make noodles and sausage and hamburgers and ... :D

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  • rkmac
    Apr 18, 05:03 AM
    Getting ready for the last 2 launches :(

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  • dwd3885
    Nov 19, 12:43 PM
    For us, who cares? If you want an iPad you might be able to get one on the cheap. Apple needs a good screwing anyway!

    Oct 9, 06:16 PM
    Tell me.. what will happen when Tweetie 3, 4, 5... comes out?

    PAY AGAIN... AGAIN AND AGAIN... for minor upgrades.

    if you're driving the whambulence, why not go to the other thread? :)

    in re tweetdeck, i used to use it on iphone, but it won't take my reeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy long password.

    May 2, 04:43 PM
    Good cause! At first glance I thought this was a story about iPad related injuries.

    May 3, 07:58 AM
    Anyone here able to get this card working with Lion?

    I'm running Lion DP2 (with all current updates), and I can't get it working in my 2010 Mac Pro -- nothing I plug in, is being recognized.

    Interestingly though, if I go into the 'PCI' section of the system profiler, the card show up properly (even showing that the driver is installed).

    I figure the problem is driver incompatibility, but I thought there might be some "trick" or alternate driver that might work....

    Jan 1, 09:35 PM
    Get your key

    key faq

    Thanks! What should I have my parameters set too?

    Jan 19, 03:47 PM
    I've just been migrating services off a G5 Xserve running 10.5 Server, to a Mac Pro running 10.6 Server.

    It dawned on me it'd be a good idea to get an actual SSL certificate. Because of the lack of funds available, I've gone for PositiveSSL.

    Here are the steps I took to get it:

    1. In Server Admin > Certificates I chose Generate CSR

    2. I pasted this in to Comodo's page and chose Apache + MOD SSL

    3. Took the .crt file emailed to me and chose "replace with signed certificate", dropped it on and clicked "replace certificate" (replacing the old, self signed one).

    This all seemed to work fine. HOWEVER, the web service doesn't seem to be playing ball with it at all and because of this I'm scared to propagate it around any other services.

    These are the errors I'm receiving: (not that Server Admin notices anything wrong!)

    [Wed Jan 19 05:59:58 2011] [error] Init: Pass phrase incorrect
    [Wed Jan 19 05:59:58 2011] [error] SSL Library Error: 218710120 error:0D094068:asn1 encoding routines:d2i_ASN1_SET:bad tag
    [Wed Jan 19 05:59:58 2011] [error] SSL Library Error: 218529960 error:0D0680A8:asn1 encoding routines:ASN1_CHECK_TLEN:wrong tag
    [Wed Jan 19 05:59:58 2011] [error] SSL Library Error: 218595386 error:0D07803A:asn1 encoding routines:ASN1_ITEM_EX_D2I:nested asn1 error
    [Wed Jan 19 05:59:58 2011] [error] SSL Library Error: 218734605 error:0D09A00D:asn1 encoding routines:d2i_PrivateKey:ASN1 lib

    The pass pharse thing is stumping me (along with the whole situation) - I saw the box in Server Admin 10.5, but it's gone from Snow Leopard. There's no obvious place for it that I've seen.

    Is there any easy how-to guide for actually getting this sorted and having SSL up and running (I'm missing something easy, I bet!) - or anyone with a fair idea of what the next step would be?

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