Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Hell Do They Do In Russia?!

A Russian school tries to find a home for this puppy..
Happy Friday lovelies, hope all is well in your corner of the world.. In case you didn't know and haven't heard Russia is THEE leading country that one could "legally" keep child porn.. I really feel some kind of way about this, I don't know their countries cultural ethics or morals on raising children but it seems to be faulty.. 
I know as a child my mother/father told me "no one not even us as mommy and daddy are supposed to touch you in your private areas except are to tell us if anyone touches you in your private areas DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!??" oh I remember that to this day, so with that said I'm pretty sure as Americans HUMAN BEINGS we all tell our children the same thing, so why is there such a big issue over in Russia with children being forced into the child pornography ring?? Do these parents not care?? Do they not have the sex safety stranger danger kind of talk with them?? I don't get it and apparently  "According to Russia's Investigative Committee, more than 800 cases of sexual abuse were reported in the first three months of this year, an increase of 13%.", reading that made me want to pump the hell out of a shotty and aim it at such human being (I'm going to run up on that [insert bad word] like a ninja and do a Ninja Assassins on that [insert same bad word]).. Someone needs to bring justice to these children outside of government workers because they're so called lawmakers aren't doing shit  a thing about it.. 
I mean how can anyone do such a thing to a child, I can't comprehend such pisses me all the way off because I have younger cousins and the youth/babies/children are our future.. Man this royally pissed off my whole life, freaking Russian creeps (not all of them but obviously a lot of them) Russia Child Porn.. 
That just really pissed me off you all just can't believe there's people like that in the world....really it's so unnecessary to do such things.. Well for a more upbeat topic better yet I have a surprise for you all, stay tuned until next week!! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday evening full of lasciviousness (drinking/smoking fornicating) if that's your kind of poison or raising your positive vibrations (meditating/praying/loving/sharing) but most of all stay blessed.. 

Peace & Blessings, That Black Girl


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