Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gina Carano: highest paid women's MMA fighter


Gina Carano is well known as the highest paid women's MMA fighter, in fact its been said that she pulls in up $100,000 per fight.she was in Maxim. She does the modeling shoots. She wears the slinky dresses. And, yes, she’s good at her sport, just like Patrick, and Sharapova, and Gulbis.
Wish that kind of paycheck per bout, i wonder what her overall net worth is? If i had to guess, I'd say in the ballpark of 2 or 3 million, when you consider her work on television.

Gina-Carano-photo-1.jpg Gina-Carano-photo-2.jpg Gina-Carano-photo-3.jpg Gina-Carano-photo-3.jpg

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