Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • faizanshakyboy
    Apr 28, 11:31 AM
    Apple should have launched Verizon version along with AT & T delays might have affected its sale.

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  • pimentoLoaf
    Jul 9, 03:42 PM
    A mini-community within MacRumors, as the magazine often makes reference to MR as a resource for Mac enthusiasts.

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  • Kieranic
    Oct 16, 04:13 AM
    Michael Jackson and Ola Ray during the filming of Thriller in 1983 :)

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  • codelathe
    Apr 27, 03:38 PM
    Ever wanted to stream your music and video collection in your home computer (PC/Mac & Linux) to you Apple TV directly. With Tonido iPhone/iPad app you can do that.

    More Info from our Announcement

    We are very happy to announce the availability of Tonido App 2.11 in Apple appstore. We, at CodeLathe , are always looking to improve the Tonido user experience and Mobile support is one of our most important focus areas.

    This application builds on the Tonido 2.0 App.

    Some of the important updates are listed below:


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  • XIII
    Dec 6, 04:18 PM
    Up for sale is an Xbox 360 Core, still sealed, UK PAL. I will ship the the UK, and the UK only. It is currently on eBay here ( The right offer here (I realise my Buy it now price in the auction isn't realistic) wins it, and I will cancel the auction. Alternatively, you can bid the in auction. I have no specific price in mind, just make an offer - worst I can do is reject it.



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  • camomac
    Sep 9, 05:52 PM
    i just noticed this, and maybe it has already been addressed, but instead of Quote it now says Reply ? OR am i just going crazy?



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  • Clive At Five
    Oct 19, 08:47 PM

    Not really expecting anything out of this one. I just thought it's be a fun visualization.



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  • FortWorthMac
    Oct 9, 04:38 PM
    So what are the notifications all about? They're not push so what are they? I set one earlier but that person hasn't tweeted since.

    That's what I'm trying to figure out too.

    It doesn't true "psuh notifications" as I wasn't given the setup alert from te phone that the iPhone OS provides.

    I set one up on a tweeter I follow (the iphone blog) and within minutes they happen to send out a tweet but I got nothing. So I'm not sure......


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  • Macanadian
    Oct 17, 09:47 PM

    This is why I switched back in 1998. I still have friends asking me to get the virus out of their PC's because their kids insists on downloading free songs/files from everywhere.

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  • SAN993
    Apr 23, 06:51 PM
    Hello all,

    My wife has a Mac Book Pro, with Mac OS X. In the address book, she wants to sort the contacts fron A to Z, but cant work out how to do it. Any help greatly appreciated.




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  • thatisme
    Mar 31, 10:25 AM
    It's cool, but totally pointless other than being used as a tech demo.

    I fully expect that the control will not be fine enough on the layers / brushes, etc to be acceptable for commercial or even personal use. It's hard enough to select and erase layer parts when using a WACOM tablet on a PC or Mac... Now we do the same thing with fingerpaint precision....

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  • Tymmz
    Nov 20, 03:41 PM
    Um, I do. How else are you supposed to IM people using AIM, GAIM, etc.?

    Of course. I know that some people use iChat, but how many? .X %?

    I'm fine with SkypeOut. One number for the rest of the world. But like I said. It would be nice, if Apple keeps their Phone open to other IMs (mass market).


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  • wagnerplace
    Sep 26, 10:09 PM
    Now if they would only support domain name hosting.

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  • Thanatoast
    Nov 20, 02:11 PM
    I'd prefer a flip phone, but I don't think Apple could squeeze all the needed hardware into the design. Either that, or we'd have people start thread about how the fan noise drowns out the call and the phone burns their ear :p

    If it's gonna be iChat mobile, then they're gonna have to do AV. That'll be their added value. you can get a music-playing phone from anywhere. But a mobile video phone? You have to go to Japan. And if people can just carry over their iChat/AIM accounts, it makes it that much easier.

    I know they've got mobile wifi phones now, do they also have combo phones? Thought I saw one once... Anyway, if it's a normal cell untill you move into range of an open network and then automatically connects to iChat, heck, why not?

    I'm still looking for the smartphone angle more than any other, though.


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  • how to draw anime guys hair.

  • Iscariot
    Apr 5, 02:11 PM
    While it is true that people can put themselves at a higher risk through certain activities, for a politician to blame a young girl for her own rape is absolutely disgusting. It's also nauseating and ignorant for politicians to suggest modest dress as a way to prevent rape. Such thinking is completely backward.

    She clearly coerced the men into raping her. They are the real victims here.

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  • Fc97accord
    Apr 22, 11:02 AM
    iOS for iphone is an exclusive smartphone OS. Or are you telling me that ipod touch and ipad run the same exact OS?

    Laptops and desktops run the same exact OS. There are no apps that are made specifically for a laptop or desktop. There are iphone apps that wont run on an ipod touch. There are ipad apps that wont run on an ipod touch or an iphone. If they were the same OS then that wouldnt happen.

    Because it's common sense.

    Wow I can't believe you have not used an iPad or iPod touch, they are the exact same os feel and look.
    You are wrong, research a little before you make false statements


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  • thatisme
    Mar 31, 10:25 AM
    It's cool, but totally pointless other than being used as a tech demo.

    I fully expect that the control will not be fine enough on the layers / brushes, etc to be acceptable for commercial or even personal use. It's hard enough to select and erase layer parts when using a WACOM tablet on a PC or Mac... Now we do the same thing with fingerpaint precision....

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  • lady gaga boyfriend luc.

  • ipodrocker
    Jul 29, 09:43 AM
    so I am hoping to get an iphone 4 will be heading to dublin to track one!

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    Nov 11, 03:39 PM
    From what I've seen at the places I've been as an editor, the people who still have Avid are the ones that invested in it awhile ago and it's cheaper to maintain their current hardware. Though there are certainly desires to switch. I've also seen some places jump from Avid to Final Cut when doing complete system upgrades and ditching their old Power PC machines for Intel ones. Many places that are starting out are also going with Final Cut over anything else out there.

    My Final Cut might not be 64 Bit, but it's doing just fine. Though our graphic designers have seen significant improvements in terms of render times going from After Effects CS4 to CS5, I think I can wait another 6 months and then be blown away by whatever improvement Apple makes to Final Cut.

    Some have said it is most likely to happen early 2012. although Jobs himself has said early 2011. but again like some say. coming from him (steve), early 2011 could very well mean from January to june.

    Jun 2, 05:55 AM
    Haha, I can actually hear that voice in my head "hey apple!" :p

    May 4, 10:44 AM

    Please take a few minutes to view it and let me know what you think.

    I thought it was very interesting to have a first hand experience. He seemed to offer two main arguments; torture isn't very effective, and it is morally wrong.

    For me only the second point matters, I think too much emphasis is put on whether torture works or not. If it did would that make it right? I think the morality of it is much more important. Torture is wrong regardless of its utility.

    Apr 24, 02:43 PM
    Was browsing techforless' non-functional apple section, since most products they have are repairable. Anyway, I came across this iMac with 2 stickers. One's a red apple sticker, which I have never seen before, the other is a white sticker.

    The unit has mostly been stripped, so I'm not going to but it even if it is a prototype.

    I'm just wondering as to what the red sticker might have been for.

    Apr 28, 09:44 PM
    The whole reason Apple is suing Samsung is because how much of a success the Galaxy S was in Europe. Now I don't blame Apple, but let's be honest here, they filed this lawsuit waayy too late. I don't know if any of you have read the Galaxy S 2 review on Engadget, but their reviewer, one notoriously known for hating on Android, gave it a 9/10, and said it was the best smartphone on the market.

    ...Did you hear me? iEngadget says this is a better phone...what world am I living in? I know the iPhone 4 is a ten month old phone, but considering its going to be in the market without a successor for another 4 months, and Europe is adopting Android like wildfire, Apple has to do something about it, fast.

    Their lawsuit isn't stopping the release of the GS2, and their attempt to milk iPhone 4 sales by releasing a Verizon model (numbers are going down) and a white version (why would someone buy this over the black version?) probably won't work for long. If it hadn't been for the iPad 2, I don't even know where Apple would be right now.

    Jan 20, 06:51 PM
    From PCMAG:,1759,1753026,00.asp

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