Thursday, June 9, 2011

Are You Afraid Of The Dark??

Happy Wednesday beautiful people hope your having a wonderful time on this hot June day.. I want to talk about something that's an issue with a lot of people but it's within us all a fear(s)..
So everyone fears something whether it's as big as fearing the Creator (but that's moreso a respect knowing our life can be taken at any given moment) or as small as the fear of spiders which is called arachnophobia.. Some people are afraid of drug lords, dead spirits, making right turns, bugs, getting rapped, public speaking, ketchup, dogs, guns, the dark, kittens....the list goes on really but I'll stop right there at those few..
My fears are pretty common whereas some of them are funny to others, they aren't funny to me -stares blankly-.. So my list of fears goes as such starting with my greatest fear to my smallest; the Most High (it's a respect thing moreso), infertility, aliens, caterpillars, worms, butterflies, jellyfish, centipedes, spiders.. My last two fears only make me ughhh with few hebby gebbys.. My fear of Allah well all I can do is live righteously and pray..
Aliens, let me not even start....I was super paranoid after watching Signs and Dream Catcher  for the first tim.. The movie The Fourth Kind I start freaking out like on the verge of tears when my uncle tries to watch that in the same room as me, he laughs and tells me he won't turn it on until I'm sleep but he just waits for me to leave the room....bogus..
Now my other four fears; caterpillars, worms, butterflies and jellyfish....those are the ones that if it's near me or lands on me I scream at the top of my lungs and run around in circles like a frantic child.. Did you all know that your not supposed to run or scream in a butterfly garden..?? Well who said make it an indoor garden..?? So basically a butterfly landed on me of all the people it could have landed on.. I was with my sister and cousins at the time, I remember my sister said "Syd just stay calm" I turned and looked over my shoulder at her and there it was on the back of my shoulder I freaked the hell out screamed and twirled trying to shake it off.. My cousins told me to stop freaking out as soon as they got it off of me I RAN to the exit quietly screaming and freaked out more once the doors closed....never again will anyone do that to me try and calmly walk me through a butterfly garden.. It was such a send off seeing as it was the Botanical Gardens Of St.Louis..
Rain scares me for only one reason worms, they'll be everywhere and don't step on one you'll feel it under your sole everytime you step.. I had a dream worms and jellyfish tried to take over the world, it may be the reason to my fear of them.. As for jellyfish they're disgusting creatures remind me of gelatin, which comes from pigs and they're disgusting.. They're movement alone gives me hebby-gebbys, now add the way they look....ahhhhhhh and they're not friendly, they sting....ouch much.. As for caterpillars they're a fear because they turn into butterflies and the same reasons why I'm creeped out by jellyfish minus the gelatin thing and the stinging..
As for my second biggest fear the fear infertility  scares me to the point of tears.. Even though I should probably be the last person bringing life into this world, I want to be able to one day and my heart would just break if I couldn't....I'd just die.. I know this fear is not a big deal for most but it is for me..
Well now that I've shared that with you all now you know so no laughing at me....okay maybe a little.. Hope you all have a wonderful night..

Peace & Blessings, That Black Girl  

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