Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2012 U.S. Republican President Candidates

United States will held United States Presidential Election for the 57th on November 2012, which would also see the appoinment of Vice President will commence with nationwide state lever primaries and coucuses beginning January 16, 2012 in lowa and ending on June 5, 2012 in Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota.

Even so, some people have already announced himself as candidate for president of the United States 2012, the atmosphere of debate between the candidates have also begun to appear in various media. One of the television show, dailydebate even deliberately presenting candidates president to give a statement about their vision and mission for the American future.

Here is a candidate for U.S. president in 2012. Taken from the site 2012.presidential-candidates.org /

Herman Chain
Herman chain has declared as 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate. Cancer Survivor, YouTUbe sensantion and formet mathematician with the US Navy, Herman Chain has a resume that demands your attention. His Experience on all three major fronts of American politics - corporate, legislative and media. through his stellar career at Pillsbury, the Federal Reserve Bank Of Kansas City as chairman and as host of WSB's "The Herman Chain Show" in Atlant.

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich has declared as 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate. After 13 years absense from mainstream politics, Newton Leroy Ginrich has announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. His campaign, which kick off with 17-city swing, has unfortunately begun under a torrent of criticisms following his controversial statement on Medicare and a perceived attack of fellow Republican Paul Ryan. Nevertheless, Gingrich, a fighter and above all, a consummate politician, is expected to make a swift recovery and stamp his mark on the race.

Gary Jonson
Gary Jonson has declared as 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate. The former Libertarian Republican Governor does not attend church, is pro-choice, pro-free trade,pro-immigration, an outspoken critic of the war on drugs and a strong proponent of legalizing marijuana. He led New Mexico for eight years during which time the state saw no tax increase and he vetoed over 750 separate pieces of legislation to keep government from growing. However, his views on civil liberties, foreign policy and drugs may be difficult for many conservatives to reconcile with.

Fred Karger
Fred Karger has declared as 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate.Fred Karger, one of the shrewdest Republican political operators of the past three decades,announced the formation of his 2012 Exploratory Committee on July 18, 2010, making him the first ever openly gay aspirant for the presidency. Despite being a lifelong Republican, the 61-year old Karger will be running on an independent ticket. His campaign was hit with a sucker punch when he was locked out of the Carolina Republican Party Presidential Debate of May 5, with the organizers citing his low poll numbers as the reason

Andy Martin
Andy Martin has declared as 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate. The self-professed People’s Attorney General and Internet Powerhouse is famously remembered as the source of the chain mail and online reports questioning the citizenship of President Obama and the assertion that he was a Muslim. The 66-year old Martin filed his papers as candidate for next year’s residential election on Feb 8 this year and was quoted two weeks later saying, “Obama plays for keeps. He plays rough, and that's the only way to beat him, and I'm the only one that is tough enough to do that.”

Jimmy Macmillan
Jimmy Macmillan has declared as 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate. The former mayoral, gubernatorial and senatorial candidate for the Rent Is Too Damn High Party announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on December last year. Explaining his decision not to contest the Democratic nomination, a party he was formerly registered with, karate expert McMillan was quoted as saying "the rent is too damn high." The flamboyant Vietnam veteran also gave some words of advice to President Obama, “If you don’t do your job right, I am coming at you!"

Tom Miller
Tom Miller has declared as 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate.Tom Miller sees that the United States of America is being destroyed from within. This destruction is being created by career politicians, excessive debt, illegal immigration, political correctness and more. Miller and his campaign committee ( Reduce Government Miller for President) describes himself as a solution based public servant, not a politician.Toms platform is based on reducing government and re-empowering the American people with the freedoms that they need to rebuild our economy.

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