Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Chocolate Coconut Mind Vomit

Good evening my wonderful lovelies.... So the world didn't end as conspiracy theorists stated it would....freaking morons wishing they could walk on water like prophet Isa (PBUH), you know what I won't even go off on that religious tangent because I'm not that sistah.. I know some people are sitting up feeling salty for having done something that they'd never do but they did and the world didn't end so they sit there in their saltiness, not able to take that back now.. ANYWAY, I've come here to rant tonight YESSSSS....RANT, the number one thing a writer should never do but come on I NEVER followed the rules probably why I'm where I'm at in my life -thinks on all the good stuff and appreciates her unending f*** ups-.. 
So there are MANY things I'd like to talk about but I shall refrain from saying way too much, the entire expanse of my mind is like a math equation right now ----> (the raging bull*the "big bang"*someone who drank red koolaide with way too much sugar=complete mental scatter^100).. 
So I haven't told ANYONE aside from my mommy (only because she was there) that apparently my health is so compromisable at times that I'd need an epipen possibly -laughs-....this can't be life.. I'm suppose to train myself, loved ones 
and friends in the implemetation of this emergency medication.. Jeeeeezz what a drag who'd want to chill with me when at any moment I could spazz out and need someone to stab me in my leg, that would suck....okay I was a little over dramatic it wouldn't be at any moment it would be thee rarest moment possible.. I guess a moment none the less.. I was supposed to carry them with me from the moment I received them and I haven't -shakes head-, I know bad decision (one of many -laughs-).. 
To something much happier and less gloomy and depressing....I want some cake perferablly chocolate but cake nonetheless UNLESS it's coconut cake from Tamarind Seed in Atl that cake is freaking crack as well as their red tofu curry....I love curry, I love food I love cake!!..  
Well I guess that's all I have to rant about tonight, hope you all had a wonderful day and are having an epic night..

Peace & Blessings, That Black Girl

Huey Freeman

Tamarind Seed
Chocolate Cake

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