Monday, May 30, 2011

Higher Education & Life

Good evening beautiful people, hope your Sunday night is coming to a pleasant end.. So I'm still sick, YaY Me!! -dances-..
So education seems to be a big deal in this day and age.. According to Obama, your bachelor's degree is minimum just to work in the working class and live a sustainable life....not necessarily comfortable but sustainable.. Now to live comfortably in America land of the many nasty words brave one must go for their master's and to live grand your doctorate's.. Alright I'm still listening....wait so if I get all of these degrees will that give me the upper hand?? I think not.. CNN likes to differ there are many college graduates without work due to the recession, they have a harder time getting hired as well.. The messed up thing out of all of this is the debt graduates come out of college with it's ridiculous, it really doesn't help when one can't get into their chosen profession to start paying all that back or even a job that'll pay them the minimum to support a sustainable lifestyle and pay back their loans.. 
Is college worth the debt?? 

 They bring up good points..

I must say as an individual I do believe higher education is important, but it's not for EVERYONE.. It's not for me as an individual (plus didn't want more debt on me) I've learned as a "college drop-out" (someone said to me, rubbing it in my face), my parents disagree but they're from another time.. 
My uncle said to me the other night during a conversation regarding education (I had compared myself to my peers) "just because someone got straight A's in high school and graduated top in your class is in college and does the same doesn't make them smarter or better off than you baby can't compare yourself to robots who can sit and do work, it doesn't mean they know how to live in the really don't give yourself enough credit you are so intelligent, your mindset is completely different from most of your peers....when you graduate from this program you'll see....".. Even though I know he was right I still felt like [nasty word] booboo it's hard not to when "college drop-out" rings in the back of ones mind and the fact that ones family feels like without any kind of college degree I'd end up not able to take of myself and alone in life (apparently all men want to marry women who have college degrees).. 
"Some people are meant to fit in the box and others are not....your outside of the box, it's what makes you so creative", my uncle said that to me a while ago it helps me every now and then when I'm feeling some kind of way about the whole education thing, those conversations come up a lot in my family in regards to myself.. I know they're worried about me in the long run, will I be homeless on the street, living in an alley full of glass, that smells like cat pee and my only shelter being old cardboard boxes.. Hopefully not since I'm following my own plan....MY plan (aspiring writer and personal trainer) for me that will help me get closer to making my dreams a reality, insha'Allah it all works out for the positive..
Well that was my piece for today.. I wanted to share this with you all because it's a battle I fight with myself and family, perhaps you all know someone dealing with a similar aren't struggling alone -smiles-.. I hope you all sleep warm and snuggly in your beds tonight, goodnight..

 Peace & Blessing, That Black Girl 

College Debt 


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