Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quiet Night Cap

Good twilight lovelies, I hope everyone had a beautiful day and ended it with a bang....a positive good kind of bang.. 
Well the muse of creativity sprinkled her glitter upon me tonight, so I have a piece I'd like to share with you all.. Some of you may be reading this now all snuggly in your beds, I appreciate that.. Others may read it tomorrow at their desks or table, I appreciate you all as well....either way, thank you..

Dance In The Dark

Dance it away the loneliness
Let the rhythm move through me
Light flashing kissing my skin reflections of lust
Hands in the air catching atoms in the atmosphere
Hips swinging side to side while speakers boom
Pain wraps around ankles
Silent snakes trying to poison me
Dropping low swaying back up towardsthe lights
Vibrations move me crying silently
My hands trace every inch of my being
Swaying thrusting hands moving to the beat
Loneliness creeps back into me
Twirling spinning to the melody
Drums beat through the bass into me
Lights dancing across this skin
Tears run down my face
Eyes close
Let these hips sway hands follow curves
Pain takes over burning humming storing
Hands lift touching lights
Closer than you can imagine such a sensation
Loneliness embraces hips curves
Swaying moving grinding
Lustful wanting this need for your embrace
Beating vibrating carry me away
Heart breaking reflections 
Lights dim to darkness
Muzik fads to silence
Loneline take me away

I hope you all enjoyed that, I must close my eyes and try to rest early day today -laughs-..  You all get your beauty sleep as well..

Peace & Blessings, That Black Girl

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