Friday, May 27, 2011

The Notion For Love

Happy Thursday wonderful people, hope your day is going better than mine..
Once again I shall talk about love from a hopeless romantics' standpoint, more-so why I personally think people need each other..
So we all know prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) best friend and most beloved wife was sister Khadijah, they had the most exemplary Quranic relationship of them all.. Marriage is mentioned many times in the Qur'an as well, with that said that is clear evidence that there is a union two people can share for life (sometimes not for life;divorce, death), everyone can share such a union..
Outside of Islam, before I even accepted Islam as my spiritual lifestyle I always believed there was someone for everyone.. I can admit.... personally I need people family, friends, a love to call my own one day.. I know that's looked upon as a weakness to say you need someone, well then you can think I'm weak I don't mind what others may think of me....well at least those who's opinions don't matter to me.. Now that that's out the way I can get on to my main point here.. There's two sides to this whole love union thing; those who believe this person completes them and those who believe yeah I can love someone but they don't complete me.. Errrmmmm incase you didn't know....and this is just my opinion which it is most of the time but most partnerships are complimentary.. Now when I say that I don't mean the two are we know in a life long partnership that isn't going to work, it may work for the moment but it just doesn't cut it for the long run.. You two may have same interests, beliefs, morals, cultural understandings, spirituality.. Your partner may have a greater knowledge base in certain areas vice versa....these differences could be anything really, but those small differences compliment the others lack necessity for such a trait and you help each other grow into your full potential as a spouse (in most cases).. 
As you can see I agree with the argument that the next person completes me, if that weren't true I don't think anyone would need to be in a relationship.. You'd just be wasting that persons time when they could be training to climb Mount Everest or learning four languages at once.. There would be no point if you can't learn, grow, and help compliment the next individual....I'm just saying.. 
This is what I'm striving to have..
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I get brick walled sometimes when I talk about love and stuff -laughs-, some of my thoughts just runaway and hide somewhere under a rock in a cave over there in the Caucaus Mountains never to be seen again (hahahaa, sorry conscious moment/lame joke).. Let's take me for example; I hope to be with (Insha'Allah) my equal/partner/soulmate/comrade.. I actually hope he exceeds me in certain aspects and I him so when we come together we learn something new and grow together to be the best versions of ourselves that we were meant to be.. I know I want to do some big things in life and if my potential mate isn't with that and rather stand on the sideline than be an active participant I don't know how a relationship would work in the long digg what I'm saying.. 
Well I'm pretty sure I got my point across so hopefully you can step away from the screen with an open-mind if it was closed before with a new perspective on things.. Hope you all have a wonderful night tonight.. Eat something good, dance to some MJ for me and watch a funny movie -laughs-....most of all stay blessed..

Peace & Blessings, That Black Girl

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