Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Love Song Of Struggle Proportions

It's a wonderful new day my lovelies, I hope life is swell!! I know how Mr.Prairie Dog is feeling..
I'm eating oatmeal -gags a little with every bite- (I think I may have overcooked it, f*** microwaves I use a stove EVERY TIME).. I personally think it's a struggle food, but my favorite struggle breakfast food would have to be malt-o-meal YUP YUP!! -laughs-..
The juicy stuff is what's really important here, not struggle food.. 
Taeyang is Sol from the Korean boy group Big Bang, he's epic (I'm not big on men not having facial hair but.... Taeyang could get a pass for that).. Well he's still in the group but does his own thing as well, I came across Wedding Dress almost a year or two ago and I've loved it ever since.. He recently just recorded his first all english album entitled "Solar International", this brother can SANGGG.. So back to Wedding Dress, he recorded the english version of Wedding Dress and all I can say is it makes me want to cry every time (I'm such a sap).. So watch the original Korean video, hope you enjoy it....I definitely do all thee time -laughs-.. Also listen to the english version as well..

Hopefully you all enjoyed that....

So I'm currently reading Stokely Speaks: From Black Power to Pan-Africanism.. 
In case you didn't know Stokely Carmichael is Kwame Ture, he changed his name I believe before he left the US.. So far the speeches I've read are great, he has a different kind of fire than brother Shabazz had but they're were/still two great Freedom Fighters/Revolutionaries....and the foreword by brother Mumia was A-mazing, he captured his experience of brother Kwame with such elegance and fire.. There's a lot of fire in these books I've been reading.. Ahhhhhhhhh men of African descent trying to help the people etc....are freaking SHAGADELLIC!! 
I'd like to say a big thank you to all my African brothers who have called me or reffered to me as: Angela (Angela Davis), Black Queen, Dearest, Little Revolutionary, Rasafari Muslimah Queen (LoL this African brother said that to me), Queen....Thank you all..

Hope you enjoyed my little piece, just really wanted to share with you all..

Peace & Blessings, That Black Girl


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