Monday, May 16, 2011

An Erractic Hyperbole Of An ADHD Ridden Being

Happy Monday lovelies, I hope you all have a fabulously productive day today.. I'm sure you all are wondering what I'm doing blogging so early well I've actually been up since 3am tossing and turning.. I'm dealing with as some may say a less than complicated situation or whereas others may say it is completely complicated.. Of course being the ADHD ridden scrambled head, emotionally unsustainable and entirely enthralled in life kind of human being.... I was struck with creative energy that I released creating such a piece that even shocks me to realize I'm in such a predicament or mood to say lightly..
Well enough with that for the moment....Sheeeeesh I have so much on my mind it's overwhelming.. I guess since I won't be sharing all of my inner turmoil with you all the least I can do is share this piece with you.. You can dislike it if you choose but it is part of my creative essence so in turn you'd just be disliking who I am..

My Hyperbole of Love
I promise you I will find you once again
When I am unafraid ready airy
Walking out the forest of darkness 
You stand waiting for me in open paradise 
Coming to you with a fresh heart free of all burdens
Shall be my gift to you within that lifetime
For now I stay lonely confused ignited within from a glimmer of love
I steadily run after going deeper into this darkness
Forest of despair disappointment endless struggle
Running after this being of love 
I trip over despair 
Tangled around webs of disappointment
Fall into the quicksand of endless struggle
It all seems so unfortunate that I would go to such limits
Just a glimmer of love from such a being one more time
As if I were some drug addicted hype 
Running after that first high
I keep chasing shadows 
Stumbling over despair
Getting stuck within the webs of disappointment
Sinking further deeper amid endless quicksand
Save myself some how 
I keep chasing seeing the light of this being so fleeting
Moving always out of my reach
Yet unendingly I chase ceasing to stop
Unwilling to cure my own crippled heart
I stay chasing light such a vibration for one more taste 
A Love unequivocal just to experience
Forbidden fruit of the Garden
Keep running chasing falling sinking
I can see the glimmer of the light
Just once if to reach this being 
Connect within this life such a chance
Be it a blessing of the Most High 
Not a broken path of Shaytaan
Pray for you us I will to be next to you next lifetime 
Your love in my heart
Hand wrapped in mine shall be my gift to you within that lifetime

Sooooooo I hope you enjoyed it.. If you didn't get it just message me I'll give you the break down if you would really like to know and if enough people ask I'll add that to my next entry.. I must say I go against all the rules of poetry and just do my own thing....let my art stay me and flow organically..
I hope you all have a beautiful day today..

Peace & Blessings, That Black Girl

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