Friday, May 27, 2011

"The Big Brothers" of Facebook did it again.

This time they removed and gave (again) warning, because of this photo below. Do they ever even check the photos they remove?! The answer is: "no they don't!"

Where is...
A) Nudity? (Krystle Lina has clothes on. No genitals or nipples showing.)
B) Drug use? (Obviously not any.)
C) Other obscene content? (Obviously not any.)

Why these Facebook "Big Brothers" won't as well remove all the millions and millions bikini-photos... photos of athletes in swimwear... all the holiday photos from the beaches around the world... etc etc. Beats us.

And this is what they say about the subject, if they'll check all the material what are reported:
"Facebook reviews every report we receive to determine whether or not the content violates our Terms of Use. Any content that is considered obscene, violent, malicious or otherwise offensive will be removed. If you received a warning about an item that was taken down, then we have established that it violated these terms."

The lie of the century. How do they even dare to say such a bull shit?

Everyone knows, that if jealous or uptight person, for what ever personal reasons they may have, reports about any photo in Facebook it will be automatically deleted. (That's what other users and pages have told us. Naturally, we also have our own experiences about this subject.) There just isn't anyone checking those photos.

And if there would be... and yet still photos like this would be deleted, we all should be very worried! Extremely. Remember the organizations like KGB, Stasi, Gestapo... only to name a few well known organizations from the history. They also took immediate action, if ANYONE reported about ANYTHING. Sounds familiar? Or does it?

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