Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • Dolly20
    10-25 09:53 PM
    My H1B was filed on April 1st 2007 at Vermont Service Center while i was in India and got selected in the lottery. I came to US on May 13th on H4 visa (I 94 valid till July 18, 2008) and still my papers were under process.
    On June 1st, 2007 the approval notice was sent to my employer.
    Oct 1st, 2007 they applied for my change of status and on 19th it was returned back as a check for 500$ was not included.

    Kindly let me know if we could go for a H1B Transfer and change of status simultaneously with a new employer.

    Within what time line i need to apply for the same.


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  • Queen_of_Sheeba
    05-07 01:05 AM
    help me with this guys: My employer applied for an H-1B under the Master's cap, but I've been RFE'd. I think this is cause the job is classified as only requiring a Bachelor's degree. If that is the case, would it be possible to withdraw my application and reapply under the regular cap? Is this a good idea? And am I right that there are tougher requirements for being accepted in the Master's cap than the regular cap?

    I'm meeting with my boss tomorrow to discuss this so please reply quick!!!

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  • aachoo
    02-03 01:44 AM
    Dont flll 1040 by yourself if you are not a tax expert.

    Line 34 in 1040 is tuition and fee deduction and you have to file form 8917.

    get Some software such as Turbotax or Taxcut

    Are you serious? I must be a super expert on taxes because I have always done it on paper using a calculator for the last 14 years and counting. Just spend an hour reading the instructions and you're done. Have a question, call the IRS. Unlike other government agencies (cough.. USCIS cough..) the agents at the other end of the line are actually helpful and responsive.

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  • satishku_2000
    06-13 10:58 PM
    depends on your PD?


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  • amitjoey
    01-14 11:08 AM
    If they do approve your I485, you still have 180 days to file your dependants. It is called "Follow to join". Do a google search on "Follow to join greencard for spouse".

    Please consult your lawyer

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  • Dhundhun
    01-17 10:38 PM
    Not normal, but what about I140 approval?. It is part of that and must be there. Did you apply I140 and I485 togther? If yes, it may be missing because of processing backlogs.


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  • gopi544
    06-30 11:23 AM
    I want to know weather can I apply AP for my wife while she is in US post it to India if she has to go to India before it gets approved.

    As there is the situation my wife need to go to India in July and we applied for her AP last week, can I send it over to her once the AP is approved or dose she need to be present in US at the time of approval.

    Thanks for advice

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  • gparr
    January 4th, 2005, 11:29 AM
    Not much happening in this shot. Seems like it needs a bike leaning against the wall, a bench, a red pot, something to give a focal point. Either that or a shaft of sunlight down the street. I'm bothered by the leaning wall on the right. Makes me feel like it's going to fall down on me. Two potential shots I see in the scene are the door and grillwork next to it, if you can get the right light on them, and the hanging plant. Tough to shoot narrow streets like this when there's strong sunlight above but the streets are all in shadow. Did you try other angles/perspectives when shooting this? If so, they might be worth looking at.

    Played with the image a bit in Photoshop to see what I could get out of it. Not sure I did much but I'm no expert, particularly with curves. Maybe someone else can do better. A black-and-white version also might be good.

    Keep shooting and posting.



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  • sympa21
    05-16 08:34 PM
    Hi there,
    Besides my lawyer. When I went to Info Pass they told me the same thing I can't file for the I485 untill the I130 is approved because I was in removal proceedings when we got married. Info pass also said that I130 in removal proceedings is handeled differenty. I don't have a work permit or social yet since i can't file for I485.
    thanks for the reply

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  • ssdtm
    11-20 11:00 AM
    - If I get a new H1 sponsored (NOT a transfer of existing H1) and join a new company in a totally different job family (New H1 is not an issue because it is from a H1 cap exempt organization)


    - Also maintain the current H1 (I will continue part time work here to get minimum wage)
    - Will continue my GC process with this co

    I know this is possible but I want to know if there are any potential issues here that can jeopardize my current GC process. I am willing to do this only if my current GC process is not hurt in any way.


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  • pappu
    08-09 07:53 AM
    Please find below my case details:

    i.Started on L1A in Dec 2001

    ii.Applied for a new H1 in June 2005 with start date as Oct 1,2005(New H1 application) : Came to US on H1 in Mar 2006 with "I 94 and Petition End Date(PED)" as Dec 2007.

    iii.Since Dec 2001 till Mar 2006, have been in India for totalling 10 months (2.5 months in 2003, 1.5 months 2004, 6 months during 2005-2006).

    With the assumption that I can recapture the time spent outside US (10 months), the six year clock ends in Oct 2008. If so, to get 7th year extension
    would it work as long as the Labour is filed before Oct 2007.

    Am I correct in this assessment or does the 6 year clock indeed ends in "Dec 2007" (as in my I94/PED) and I should have the Labour filed before Dec 2006.

    Any thoughts? Appreciate your comments.

    Thanks very much in advance.
    you have enough time to get started with your labor. earlier the better. have your company start your labor in a couple of months so that do dont have to worry about all the nitty gritties of recapture of time. yes one can recapture the time with a petition. less legal work is less money paid and less headache in my opinion.

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  • Zee
    06-14 07:47 AM
    Looks like CIR has a rough road ahead:

    From immigration-law:

    06/14/2006: AILA Reports Anti-Immigrant Calls to Congress Outnumbers Pro-CIR at 400:1

    * AILA has reported that immigration restrictionists are flooding Congressional phone lines and email inboxes with angry demands that their Senators and Representatives vote against any legislation that provides a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Their calls for an enforcement-only immigration policy are reportedly louder and more aggressive than ever and there are 400 of them for every 1 call from proimmigrants. AILA is concerned that the 400 to 1 intensity of the opposition to comprehensive immigration reform (S. 2611) is expected to crescendo into the November elections, making it a likely voting issue at the polls.
    * Considering the fact that most seats in the House are up for grab in the November election, these anti-immigration forces pose a powerful threat and road block to meaningful enactment of comprehensive immigration reform legislation.
    * These anti-immigration forces also appear to use a strategy to weaken the pro-immigration forces by inducing the immigrant community more and more divided between the legal and illegal immigrant communities and pushing them further and further antagonistic each other by spreading rumors that illegal immigrants would take away employment-based immigrant quota from the legal immigrants and the legal immigrant community should oppose the comprehensive immigration reform legislation as passed by the Senate. "Divide and Conquer" strategy appears to work for these immigration restrictionists.


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  • ashres11
    09-25 11:24 AM
    Fax letter and his office called me and following with USCIS.

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  • kirupa
    04-29 05:09 PM
    I liked it and added it to the stamps page, but if you don't like it, I can remove it :)


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  • mrana
    01-18 12:59 PM

    Thanks for information.

    So as you mentioned that you had similar case. Did you have LIN# only or 1-140 receipt ?


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  • ruchi555
    03-02 01:40 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    Please advise me regarding my situation
    My current H1B expires May 1s1 and I have my H1B extension pending (in lieu of GC pending with the same company, and EAD is not an option for me because of dependents) with a fortune 500 company A, with whom I am employed. They plan to do a round of layoffs in a couple of weeks that I am sure my team is a part of.
    With the foreknowledge of pending situation, please let me know if I can validly take the following course of action.
    I am thinking that I premium process my 3 year H1extension with company A right away, then have it transferred to company B. Only problem is extension starts in a future date, ie May 1st.
    Can I get my current+extended H1B transferred to company B even before the start date of extended May1st . If I have to wait till May1st to get it transferred, does it matter that on May 1st I am not with company A anymore.


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  • stemcell
    03-03 10:49 PM
    To all the physician members of this forum....

    Conrad 30 program is up for extension on march 6.
    According to although the extension is gonna take place, they plan to make physicians exempt from employment based category as long as they work in medically underserved areas....

    If this bill includes the physician clause that will be a lifesaver for a lot of people and also help in visa retrogression albeit little bit.
    Hope it passes....any thoughts anyone?

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  • jliechty
    September 4th, 2005, 10:31 AM
    Compositionally, the picture feels slightly off balance to me, but I love what QJ did with the shadow detail and color in her first revision of your photo. There's certainly plenty of potential waiting to be brought out from within that image.

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  • sathishav
    05-12 05:39 PM
    u can file but u have to join the petition filing employer once u get GC or otherwise it will be fraud.

    smuggymba nailed it. If you never worked for your GC emp its fraud and will create issues during Naturalization.

    03-17 12:36 PM

    I would appriciate if some clarify me on the below queries.

    Here my situation is, I had a H1 approved in July 2008 and got stamped in Feb 2009. due to recission I wasn't on travel to US on my H1 status but in Nov 2009 my indian current employer asked me to travel US on business trip for 6 months but at the port of entry they gave only 3months stamp on I94 so my company applied extension for 3 months and got approved. Now my client asked me to join in his company and he is willing to take care of H1.

    So here my queries are.

    1. In my case how you want me to processed. do i need to transfer my current H1 on my client name or my client need to apply for a new h1.

    2. If he applies a new H1 then am i able to work imidiately here.

    3. if he applies for a H1 (either Transfer or New) how much time it will take to get approved. what is the best process to get approval imidiately(with in short time. becasue i have only 6 week of time to get expired my B1 I94)

    4. Is there any issues if i accept my client offer.

    Please help me to get clarify on all these issues.


    07-26 11:12 PM
    In the last days, I have realized that we have something in common with the first Pilgrims that came to America, we also have a lot in common with all the immigrants that arrived last century to the Ellis Island, and that is the same COURAGE and values to go after our dreams giving the best of ourselves for this country and for our families.

    Based on what we did this last month dont you think that we need to take action to do something to make possible an increase on the GCs quota?.

    I'd like to use this forum to generate all together as a team great Ideas to show that we are a positive agent of succes for America. The idea of the flowers was marvelous but I think is time to move forward, some new ideas could be:

    - Pay a TV commercial showing that we (America) need diversity, need talented Immmigrants to maintain their leadership in the world.

    - Post ads in the news papers (WSJ, NY times, Washington Post etc) with the same message.

    - I read the blog of Greg Siskind he is doing something great mentioning oustanding immigrants on daily basis, why dont we do the same?

    - Attend all senator meetings and speech and have smart and pacific members of IV in all of them showing the message?

    I THINK WE CAN DO IT, we are the owners of our future, we are the only really interested in have our GCs, I dont see the USCIS, Lou Dobbs, or USANET interested in see something positive about us.

    Please lest post our ideas, and together as a team as the new America immigrants lets look for our future. America is the land where everything is possible I DO BELIEVE IN AMERICA SAME AS THE PILGRIMS AND I THINK YOU ALL BELIEVE THE SAME THATS WHY WE ARE HERE AND why WE READ THIS FORUM...

    Please we need ideas.... LETS MOVE FORWARD WE CAN DO IT........

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