Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some 4AM Inspiration

Good afternoon beautiful people, hope your Monday is going wonderfully.. So I haven't thought of anything worth posting in days, well I am working on this Indigenous Americans piece but it's a bigger research effort on my part so that means have patience and it shall be posted before the week is over.. I usually post poetry under the new section Mental Word Vomit & Other Ramblings but I thought I'd post it to the blog directly.. We all catch inspiration from one thing or person and others it could be many things like the sun shining through the trees, inspiration in whatever form it comes is a blessing in it's self..
I was inspired the other morning (4AMish) by muzik and the happiness I felt in that moment to write this piece I will share with you all now..

Laying In Your Memory
My arm rests wrapped around you
Stay here with me in this moment forever
Your arm wrapped around me pulling me in closer
Toes wiggle
Hearts beating together
Closing my eyes I record this moment in my heart's mind
Your breath so light in out in sync with your falling rising chest
Eyes sparkling full of peace love
Love that you have for me in this moment with you
Hold me tight don't let me go flying off into the wind
Forgotten memories of yesterday shall never haunt again
I feel you envelope me closer into you
Holding you tighter never letting this moment go
Hand caresses my cheek trailing to my lips softly tracing me
Lips touch mine
My stomach never stops spinning heart pounding relentlessly
Laying in your arms brings me a peace
Never let me go in this moment 
Don't forget me tomorrow
You pull me in even closer into your calm
Falling into tomorrow I hold on tighter
Eyes close
Hearts slow
You never let me go falling into tomorrow with the sunrise
No longer yesterday's memory

I hope you all enjoyed that piece.. I'm sure you've noticed my writing style is romantic or tragedy, I'm a hopeless romantic with a touch of emo if you didn't know.. when I experience love it's almost tragic in the most beautiful sense of the word.. Kind of like a sunset, it's so beautiful it may bring tears to your eyes but it has to end eventually..
Anywhoo hope your day is/was a positive one full of happiness, lots of hugs, kisses and VEGAN MARSHMALLOWS!! AHHHHHHH vegan marshmallows are freaking epic you all!! EPIC!!

Peace & Blessings, That Black Girl


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